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The basic Brushes you should have…for your eyes.

November 6, 2014

As we were discussing yesterday, in order to get good results, we need good tools. For me, doing my eye makeup is the hardest, but at the same time, the funnest!

As I think it’s the hardest ( for me). it requires many tools…these are the brushes I use to do my eyes every morning…don’t get scared, it only takes me 5 minutes, no more… 😉

Starting from left to right:

Pencil brush, MAC 219ES: This brush it’s used to smudge eye shadow into the lower lash line or smudge your eye liner to get a softer look, like a soft Smokey eye for example.

Short shaded brush, MAC 214 ES: This is a good dense brush to use on your brow bone, or on my tear duct, it gives a good smudgy look without     being so precise as the 219ES.

The Flat stiff brush, Hemma: This is a very important brush in my routine, as I use it to pack my eye shadow and press it into the lid, as it’s stiff it picks up a good amount of product.

Small angle brush, Hemma: This is a good brush to do eyeliner, but I use it to define my brows with some eye shadow.

Small angle brush, MAC 266ES: As MAC describes it, this brush is to do precise lines. I use it to do my eye liner, with shadows or gel liner.

Pointer liner brush, MAC 211ES: This Little tiny brush I use it to do my eye liner when I use gel liner. It’s very precise and I feel I can control it very well.

Soft dome brush, Hemma: This is my favourite at the time of doing my eye makeup, it’s soft and I feel I’m petting myself when I’m using it. This is the brush you need to blend your eye shadow, that way you wont get any lines in between the different colours you’re using.

Large fluff brush, MAC 227: This is a very versatile brush, as you can use it as a face or eye brush. I use it to blend and highlight any powder-base product.

You can find the MAC brushes at Mac Cosmetiques.,

The Hema Brushes at

And Voila!  They are all My Cup of Tea!

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