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The 5 Bold Lipsticks that will make me happy in this Winter Season…

November 6, 2014

One of the new obsessions I have at the moment…and it seems I cant scape from it, even if I’ve tried. ~ A Bold Lipstick~ Here are my 5 favourites for the winter season.

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NARS: Pure Matte Lipstick~ VALPARAISO

CHANEL: Rouge Allure ~ 99 PIRATE

CHANEL: Rouge Coco~ 31 CAMBON

SEPHORA: Cream Lip Stain ~ 1

RIMMEL: Lip Lacquer~ 304 ECLIPSE

It’s true that many of us are a bit scared of ‘The Big Statement’ Bold Lipsticks make. ~I use to look at girls who were not scared and think…wow she looks so good, I wish I could do the same, but I didn’t dare until a few months ago~ and since then, I cant stop thinking.. ~I’m one of the cool girls now ;)~But there’s more to it… a couple positive reasons why you should try them and some tips that would come handy.

What are the positive points of wearing a bold lipstick, besides looking fabulous? Well… It doesn’t matter your skin color. There are for all of us to enjoy, you just need to find the right one. The brand of your choice’s representative can always help you with that.

First, you will always look more put together and elegant.  Second, they come very handy when you don’t have time to put on full makeup~ a bit of mascara and a Bold Lipstick and Bang! You’re ready~ Third, to those of you who smoke, a Bold Lipstick (with a blue under tone) will make your teeth look much whiter~ Forth, it doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing at big puffy dress, you can always wear a Bold Lipstick with a casual outfit or with dark colors. It will always bring color to you whole outfit.

If you think that maybe they will not last long or they might disappear in a uneven way, don’t worry, here are some tricks. ~ What you can do is to apply your lipstick and then use your index finger and pat it~ that way when it will start to fade, it will fade evenly. Also what I do after applying my lipstick it’s to block my lips on a tissue and then reapply it, that way it lasts much longer.

Another helpful thing to know and to do~ it’s to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them before hand.  Dry and cracked lips are not cute! And they wont look nice, doesn’t matter the color you are wearing. ~ One last thing, don’t forget a bit of blush, unless you’re going for a gothic look.

My favourite ways to wear a good Bold Lipstick: Any occasion! ~Specially, if I’m watching a Sex in the City Marathon!  So, We can conclude that A Bold Lipstick is TOTALLY My Cup of Tea!

You can find the lipsticks at:





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