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Does your phone battery die in the middle of the day? then, you need this in your life!

December 1, 2014

This is a great idea as a Christmas gift; I think everybody will appreciate it for its practicality, totally unisex as everybody has a cellphone 😉

In our very busy lifestyles, practical items and things in general that make us save time and effort are well appreciated.

These 3 little items are external Phone chargers. What’s an external phone charger you might ask? Well, it’s a device where you can plug your phone to ‘on the go’. Have you noticed that even though our phones are very technological these days, they still fail at the time to make a decent battery life. They just don’t last a whole day of use. Mine used to be dead at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and I don’t get home until 8:30pm or so…

So I was disconnected from the world at least 3 hours of the day. I got my husband and myself one a few months ago and we love it. First I got one that would only charges 30% of my iPhone battery but the truth 30% its enough to make it home and charge it completely again. Then I upgraded us on one that makes a charge and a half. (In case one of my friends is in need of some battery when I go out for drinks) 😉 you can also find ones that make up to 4 charges.

The pink one is the first one I got myself. It’s very cheap. No more tan 5 euros on EBay. (Here) They all come with a USB adaptor so you can plug them into your computer to charge or to your phone adaptor. This particular one makes only 30% of the battery, but it’s very light and it’s pink. It comes in many colors.

The Gold rounded one is the one I’m using at the moment. Much heavier tan the pink one, but it makes 1 charge and a half. So it’s very practical for sharing or just not have to charge it everyday. It also comes in other colors. This one I got it on Amazon. 16 Euros. (Here)

The smallest of the three, square one is the most expensive of the three. The cool thing about this model is that it comes with the cord already incorporated to the charger, and it’s much more portable, and it looks more elegant. It’s from Fnac. 39.92 Euros (Here)

This is one of my best finds of the year, and it totally became My Cup of Tea! and you? do you think you would need one in your life?

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