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3 Essie summer Polishes that I will Continue wearing in Winter

November 12, 2014

This past summer Essie released a special mini Kit with 3 of its favorites: Fifth Avenue, Mint Candy Apple, and Made Mademoiselle. I got it first cause I’ve never tried any of them, second cause I’m obsessed with everything that comes in a mini version, and third cause I never manage to finish a normal size nail polish. So of course I jumped into the opportunity! 😉Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 15.41.21

Fifth Avenue: It’s a creamy red, orange blend lacquer. This is my favourite from the three. I think is a funnier way to wear a red~ as it has the orage in it. The texture is thick so you can use only one coat, or if you prefer 2 coats to define the color a bit more.

Mint Candy Apple: It’s a mint green color. I personally love everything in Mint Green~ so every time I look at my nails when I’m wearing it, my heart gets very happy! I really like to wear it when my hands are tan. It totally make the color pops, although I think I will wear it in the winter any way just cause it’s such a nice color. The texture is sheer than Fifth Avenue, so you will need to apply two coats, sometimes three.

Mademoiselle: This one is a VERY sheer, light pink. Essie describe it as a grown up pink, I think It’s true. ~ Also this is a winning award polish, as the trendiest one. I do have to admit that I’m more attractive to more vivid colors ~ but I cant deny I really love the very feminine look it gives to my hands when I wear it. As it’s very sheer, I tend to wear 4 coats at least to get the result I want, but that’s just a personal choice.

A great thing about Essie Polishes is their brush. Essie Polishes have a very think brush that allows me to pain my whole nail in just one stroke. These three nail polishes are sold separately, you can usually get then in their normal size all year round.Well-done Essie! That’s why these three polishes will continue being My Cup of Tea! Even in the winter months 😉

And you? would you wear summer colors in Winter?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 23.13.35



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